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v0.4.0 Official Title Announcement

Hi Everyone,   Back again! I've got a fun one this time around with version 0.4.0. First off, this project finally has an official title! I'm happy to announce... Flask & Barrel! Now, on to the new stuff! Highlights  Site Updates I did some work recently to clean up this site. I tried to make it a bit more visually consistent, and hopefully make it a little easier to search for Lighting and Rendering The new lighting system caused quite the headache with this update, and it took a bulk of the work. I tried a lot of different ways of making the lighting more dynamic and realistic, but, as per usual, isometric is hard . The core of it comes down to the fact that the engine "pretends" that the scene has depth, when in reality it is just fancy math being done on a 2D plane. I ended up creating an entirely new rendering system to be able to better talk with the GPU and use shaders more easily, and that's allowed for some fun stuff.  I think it could be better, but

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