Are we establishing a theme here?


Hi everyone,


I'm back after some extended time off without updates. Here I present to you v0.1.0, the Brewing Upd -- wait a minute I've said all this before.


Surprise, surprise, its been about 2 months since my last update and I haven't much to show for it. Progress on the game has slowed down quite a bit in recent weeks, so I don't really have anything to post about. I've gotten a new job that is a bit more involved and I'll have less time on breaks to sort through minor problems and make minuscule progress towards adding features. While seeing this to release is still one of my biggest life goals it doesn't exactly pay the bills.


I've decided to take a day or two out of every week to really just sink a few straight hours into the game and hopefully make up for the loss of progress. I hope to make updates more frequently as I establish a good schedule between work and the game, as well as my free time that's required elsewhere.


I think as for these posts, I'm doing them a bit wrong. I'm setting myself up for a monthly blog post to show my progress, which pushes me to pursue goals that will look better in a blog post, and neglecting engine work and code clean up as I go to rush something through. Rinse and repeat a few times and there I was mid July without about 6 months of neglected engine work in the back log.


I am going to stop committing to as frequent/large posts. I will figure out some way to distinguish the two. For now, look forward to shorter posts showing off literally whatever I am working on, probably in the biweekly to monthly range. Then there will be a larger more comprehensive post more like what I've done in the past when the big updates are ready. I hope that will also give me some time to write and edit something nice, instead of this bizarre stream of consciousness that this turns into with all too many line breaks.

Anyway, if you're interested in keeping closer tabs on the project I'll remind you that the Trello board for the game is very frequently updated, and my Twitter gets somewhat frequent updates.

Talk to you soon-ish,



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