v0.0.2 Potion Update

Hi again,


This month I present to you, v0.0.2; the Potion Update!

This one is pretty exciting for me as this is the first real gameplay feature that is part of the game. You can view the demo clip below:


I'll break down what's going on here since I've never fully explained it.

First, the player can open the "Tank". The tank is the first brewing machine in the process. Here you add your base ingredient, and the tank is automatically filled with water. The tank brews for a bit and creates a "wash" or "wort" (haven't decided yet). This wash is the base for your potion, and the base ingredient is responsible for the modifier of the potion effect.


Once the tank is finished, the wash automatically moves to the Kettle. In the future, this will probably be done with some player controlled valves and pipes, I haven't gotten that far yet. The kettle has an input slot, here you add in the main ingredient of your potion, this ingredient is wholly responsible for the effect that takes place, and the strength/duration of this effect is controlled by the base ingredient. Pictured, but not fully implemented are two sliders for the heat level, and cooking time. Here the player can adjust how hot the kettle cooks, and for how long. This mechanic is still being workshopped pretty heavily. The kettle produces a "brew", a weaker potion that hasn't had its effects fine tuned and settled in.

Once the kettle finishes up, the kegs take over. The keg is pretty straight forward, the brew is transferred into it and it immediately begins aging the potion with special magic wood. There's a lot of unknowns about this part of the process, so I've left it simple to act as a template for future features. When the keg is done doing its magic, the player can use its interface to fill bottles and get actual usable potions!

As you can tell, there is a lot going on and a lot that isn't fully fleshed out. I'd really like it if the next update is v0.1.0, the full fledged Brewing Update, but I have concerns over how much I can get done in the next month. I took too long last month and didn't get an update out until the 12th, so I am pretty behind. I am also not sure yet what features I'll need to add to make the brewing update make any real sense. Because of this, I am going to delay the June devlog, and the next update you will see from me is at the beginning of July. That update will hopefully be 0.1.0, but things can always change.

Thanks for reading!



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