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v0.0.1 Inventory Update

Hi Everyone!   Its been just over a month, which means its time for another monthly update! These past two months have been a bit slow, but luckily this is my last week of any kind of traveling for work so I should be back on my regular schedule. This month I have a fun announcement, I've decided to consider the game as it is as an early release version, v0.0.1. I've decided to take up classic semantic versioning, vX.Y.Z, where an X iteration is a major overhaul or milestone, like full release. Y signifies major updates and content expansions, and Z signifies smaller updates and bug fixes. This update is the inventory update, a smaller update that contains a significant amount of UI work, and some actual things you can do/interact with in the world. First and foremost, let me introduce you to developer mode. This is what I am looking at about 99% of the time I'm actually running the game, I've just decided to call it something. As you can see, there's quire a bit go

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